I didn't feel like making a new icon....

...though that has very little to do with the post.  I heard this song today, and had a fabulous idea which I spent about 8 hours working on.  While I have done a vid for the episode Unending, this song struck me as such that I had to do another one for Unending.

I'm not sure why, but I'm particularly proud of this one.  Maybe it's all my pent up creativity, maybe it was the song, maybe it was some of the fantastic clips (because it sure wasn't the "fantastic" plot line), I'm not entirely sure.  What I do know is that this is possibly the best vid I've done to date.  I experimented with some new things, some interesting overlays, so feedback would be appreciated to see if I did well or not.

Enjoy :)

Click on the picture to watch/download
Click here to watch on youtube

The end of something...

Despite what happened to ssk_productions  earlier this year, I was determined to finish what I had started with it.  That being said...I finished Dry Ground and posted it both on lj and fanfiction.net, which you can find by following the pretty link here.

It feels good to finally have it done.  Unfortunately, the ending wasn't exactly what I expected.  That being said...I'm already working on the sequel...to the sequel.  But the good news is that this one is actually the one first conceived...the others were written merely to fix mistakes made in Unending, and then to further the plotline so that this story could be written.  Complicated, I know.

Anyway, I'm feeling accomplished.....
Escape key

And I say goodbye to another perfect little girl....

For those of you who know me, you know that my dogs are like my children....and that's why today broke my heart.  Scouty, the baby of our little family, has had a brain tumor for the past year and a half.  She had periodic seizures, walked crookedly, but did it all in stride, with a happy little gleam in her eyes.  But today...today she started having cluster seizures that didn't stop.  As hard a decision as it was, we knew that we couldn't let her suffer anymore.  She wasn't going to get better, we've known that from the beginning.  So we decided to put her to sleep.  Because I live so far away now, it wasn't feasible for me to drive up there with my boys, so I said my goodbyes over the phone.  I wish I could have said them in person, but there wasn't time.

There's never enough time...

Scout Blue Skye
January 19, 2007 - November 1, 2010
Fun and games

A really good day

I've been taking my dogs to this awesome doggy park.  They absolutely love it.  There's water, there are tons of people and dogs....and they love it.  So I was having a bad day yesterday, so I took them for a few hours and decided to video it.  So I got home and compiled them all into a little vid.  It's cute, and I really enjoyed doing it. It's to the song "Great Escape" by Pat Monahan.



P.S.  The embed video thing doesn't seem to be working for me....so you can find the video here.
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I wish this could make me feel better....

....but it doesn't.

I started this vid a few months back, but haven't had the ambition to finish it, though it literally only took like a half an hour to finish.  It's a purely Sam vid, no ships or anything.  I got the idea while rewatching episodes with a friend of mine.  I had the thought that everyone takes what Sam does at the SGC for granted.  Most people think she's the show's eye candy...that all she does is stand still and look pretty.

So...the vid is to the song "Stand Still Look Pretty" by The Wreckers.


Click on the picture to watch/download
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Fun and games

....and I feel like the icon says it all....


So, yesterday was fun.....I drove to Loveland and Greeley to visit family and friends and for my cousin's birthday party, only to find out my grandma is in the hospital and having a pace maker put in.  WAY TO COMMUNICATE, FAMILY!  Seriously, she's been in the hospital three times this week, and I'm just finding out about it because I'm calling to see if I can stop by a little early for the party.  I mean, I had talked to my aunt about two weeks ago, and my grandma was in the hospital then, but they had said it was beta blockers she was taking that were causing the problems, and I hadn't heard anything since.  Gah......

Other than that, it was fun.  I got to talk with my aunt and cousin who I don't see nearly often enough, and find out that another aunt and cousin are flying in for the week.

Then I went back to Greeley, and found my dog, Scouty, who has brain tumors, having a seizure.  That's never easy, because we know that they're getting worse, but it's really hard to know when we should have her put to sleep.  She's our baby girl....and it's really not fair that she's so young and going through this.  And at that point it was pretty late, and I was talking with my sister and Susan, and then I got hungry.  Baby then decided she wanted fries, so we went and got fries.  So, long story short, I didn't leave Greeley until almost 1 in the morning....with a good two hour drive ahead of me.  I know I could have stayed the night there, but I dont' like sleeping away from my own bed, especially lately.  I can barely find aywhere comfortable as it is, and she is awake from about 10 pm until 6 am anyway, so I knew I would be okay to drive.  And I was.  I didn't get really tired until I was searching my purse for my security card for the gate, so that was good.  I literally, let the boys roam and potty while I grabbed the stuff from the trunk.  We all stumbled up the stairs into the apartment, dumped everything on the floor, and crawled into bed.  I woke up this morning fully dressed lol.

I kind of want to go swimming, but I don't like going swimming alone, and the boys made a mess of their toys on the carpet, so I'll probably just do some cleaning and watch more Voyager episodes until I fall asleep.  I might finish a vid this afternoon, but I wouldn't hold your breath.  I'm feeling so blah at the moment....and emotional for some weird reason.

Okay, so it's not for some weird reason.  My hormones get all over the place when I don't sleep well, and yesterday was the first day since the events of last Monday that I actually did something.  Well, except for Thursday, but I just went out to lunch with my mom and maternity clothes shopping because I couldn't fit into my pants, and was starting not to be able to fit into my shirts as well, but that wasn't more than two hours, and it wasn't strenuous at all.

I think I'm having kind of an emotional day, because I was checking my lj friends page, and my best friend (at least she used to be) had posted something, and I had forgotten she was still on my flist (even though I am no longer on hers).  It was an inocuous post about her collection of BSG fics, but it really upset me.  Mostly because of the way things ended.  She forced me to choose between her and Eric, knowing full well that if someone forces me to choose, I don't choose the one who forces me.  In the end, I guess I chose neither, but she could never forgive me....you know, because I'm human and make mistakes.  Everyone does it.  Even she does it.  But no, I'm not allowed to.  So she basically told me that a friendship that had been pretty much our entire lives, was worthless because I had made a mistake.  As if I didn't already know I'd made a mistake, and as if I hadn't tried to make amends, and as if I wasn't already living with the consequences of said mistake.  Hello....for the rest of my life, I will have a baby girl who is the byproduct of that very mistake.  I will one day have to look her in the eyes, and tell her what her father did and who he was.  If anyone thinks that is going to be easy, they need to re-evaluate.  Believe me, the easy way is not the way I took.  But I took the right way.  But I digress....The point being, we both made mistakes in our friendship.  I was always the one apologizing for things because her ego was so fragile that she never could admit a mistake.  I was fine with apologizing, even if it wasn't my fault.  But I just realized something....the other person I used to do that for...that was Eric.  And she hated him for what he did to me....but I don't think she ever realized that she did it to me as well.  I kind of feel like every time she ignores when I try to reach out to her, she says, please go die, you're not worth it.  Even after all she said/did/has done to me, I would still be there for her if she called me up and said, hey.  I guess loyalty is hard to find these days....

I dunno...venting never helps anymore.

Anyway, I have a pic that cheers me up whenever I see it, so I thought I'd share it. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  *hugs flist*

(ps, it's a girl :), her name is Kaitee Grace)

So, it's been brought to my attention....

...that most of my old vid links are non functioning.  Yay, that's going to be fun to fix.  It'll take me some time to get them all fixed, so if you stumble across one that doesn't work and want it, just let me know and I'll get you the new link.

Anyways....have a terrible headache today, but I'm almost finished with a Sam vid, so hopefully I'll have it finished soon.

Happy Thursday :)
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Drinking and ice cream

Writer's Block: Future forward

What is the best science fiction movie of all time, and why?

Oh, come on....this one's an easy one...sheesh.  Stargate.  Hands down.  No thinking required...at all...

Why?  Because it spawned the greatest scfi show of all time with some of the most memorable and hilarious and amazing characters, plots, twists, aliens, technology...and it had Wizard of Oz jokes.  That show, of course, being Stargate SG-1.  Ooh, and then there were also the offshoots, Atlantis and Universe.




Just a little posty.....

Hey all,
So, it's Wednesday...half way through the week (woohoo!).  I mean, not that it really matters for me, but still....I was incredibly happy to wake up this morning and have it be Wednesday.

So of all things, today I'm missing Farscape and Battlestar Galactica.  Weird, I know.  A friend of mine is at the end of season two of Stargate SG-1, so I will keep re-watching that with him (I know, it's so insanely exciting, because I can look out my windows and see The Mountain lol, I'm a dork).  And soon, we'll be getting into more of the good episodes anyway.  I keep telling him, just wait until season 7, things gets really good then.  I'm hoping he believes me.  But, he keeps watching, despite episodes like Bane, so I think we're good :).

Also, I'm working on doing some more vids.  I really want to clip and do a BSG vid, but clipping..... :(.  So I'll settle for SG-1.  Still working on re-clipping Atlantis.  Oh, and I wasn't sure if anyone cared, but I've almost finished the last chapter of Dry Ground and will post it when it's complete (formerly from ssk_productions ).  I've also been hard at work on three novel projects (inorite), so it's been all insanity here.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and a better rest of the week :)

*hugs flist*